It is developed on Java and uses OOP and java concepts. And the big benefit is we don't have to build the system from the scratch like several other conventional programming. Though most conventional programmers would oppose because of this benefit its becoming popular. And also because it's responsive way, Flexibility, and being extensible.

At TechnoLabsInc we design the Business Process Flow and decide the functionality we need to the Flow. PEGA does the rest. As we have strong technical team who have strong analytical skills in java and Javascript, JSP in order to fulfill Client's Requirements.

Pegasystems capability and implementation success is unmatched. Our PEGA team is the largest sub-practice in our global Business Process Management (BPM) Practice.

Four Pillars of Success

Our PEGA execution methodology is supported by our "four mainstays of achievement" - depicted in the accompanying subsections. These make the structure for BPM incredibleness guaranteeing contribution by the right constituents at the correct time to accomplish the business results anticipated from an effective PEGA usage. This four-pronged methodology helps the group distinguish and address potential issues early and convey greatest business quality to our customers.

  1. Item Based Delivery 
    • We have various prepared, experienced and certified PEGA planners and designers.
    • Our ability and involvement in supporting various advancement philosophies includes Waterfall, Iterative and Agile (Scrum).
    • We influence our pool of experienced PEGA delivery take that have both technical knowledge and project management expertise.
  2. BPM Business consulting:
    • Our colleagues originate from driving business colleges with applicable area experience.
    • We offer diagnostic thoroughness, demonstrated strategies and tools and an emphasis on tending to the key business issues.
    • We imagine future-state plans of action to address torment focuses in current methodologies and we influence PEGA OOTB highlights to achieve strategic business go.
  3. BPM Technology Consulting:

    Our accomplished designers have a normal of10 to 15 years of experience.

    • We influence innovation to empower dexterity and innovation in business forms.
    • Technolabsinc reference structural engineering definitions.
    • Architecture definition and audit.
    • Technolabsinc COE setup and operation.
    • Performance building.
    • Design and code audit.
    • Framework organization.
    • Decision administration and versatility.
  4. BPM Testing:

    Affirmed and experienced QA professionals with PEGA item aptitude.

    • Unique model-driven testing methodology for PEGA.
    • Host of arrangement quickening agents for optimized testing.
    • Predefined libraries and systems for automation testing of PEGA applications.
    • Proprietary devices, for BTP and BUDGT.